The Best Time To Score A Great Deal On A new Mattress

So you’ve finally decided that it’s time to bite the bullet and buy yourself a new mattress. Yes, it’s definitely time! Now, let’s make sure that you get the best deal possible. Every product under the sun has a season where you can get some amazing deals. Read below to find out when to score a deal on your next mattress purchase (dont forget to check our perfect mattress buying guide here).

President’s Day Sale

President’s Day SaleFurniture and mattresses tend to have the best sales in the autumn and springtime.

Presidents Day sales are the #1 time to pick up a new mattress at a heavily discounted price. Apparently the joke goes that a few of our American Presidents could have benefitted from a more comfortable mattress and a few more hours of sleep, so in honor of them, the mattress sales are rolling out.

In reality, the sales are likely to stem from the extra long weekend. This is also the time of year that mattress warehouses are trying to clear out old stock to make room for newer models. Other great three-day weekends to scope out sales are Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day.

Black Friday

Black Friday Mattress SaleBlack Friday is the holiday of all holidays for deal seekers and thrill seeking shoppers. It is also the perfect day to stock up on any essential needs, because businesses will be competing to offer the best deals possible in order to draw you in!

STAY STRONG! You’re just there for the mattress! Or maybe you do need that big screen TV, too!

During Black Friday sales, many big name department stores and online retailers will offer 20% or more off of original prices. You may also find sales offering store or visa gift cards with the purchase of select mattresses, or other perks such as free delivery and removal of your old mattress. Don’t discount the value of these perks, as mattress removal can cost upwards of 50 to 100 dollars!

Store Openings and Closings

store closing saleSometimes it’s not feasible to wait around for the next major holiday in order to score a deal, so here are some alternatives that will still save you some serious cash. Look for liquidation sales or new store openings in your area.

Stores that are either trying to get into or out of the business want you, and everyone else, to buy up their stock. They want you to flock to their store and they are willing to offer some great promotions to get you there! Not only will prices be marked way down, but these types of sales are also the perfect time to negotiate! Don’t be afraid to ask for free delivery, or a deeper discount. It also never hurts to comparison shop and ask for a price match.

Many stores are wiling to match competitor’s sales with valid proof. With such a wide selection of mattresses, it may be hard to find an exact match elsewhere, but showing up with a similar or exact mattress ad that is marked at a lower price will definitely help to persuade your salesperson to cut you a deal.

Overstock Sales

Season overstock sale

Overstock sales are another mattress firm tactic to rid their storefronts and warehouses of older models in order to make room for newer ones. Leftover mattresses that cannot be reordered tend to be heavily discounted. Overstock sales can happen at any time of the year, and can provide a great opportunity to score a deal outside of the holiday season.

Mismatched Mattress Sales

Often times, mattress showrooms will sell box springs and mattresses separately, leaving behind mismatched pieces. Other times, large mattress warehouses will use discontinued fabrics on pieces in order to offer the mattresses at a lower cost.  If you don’t mind having a mismatched set, you can often score a great deal on left over pieces. Mismatch sales are a good time to splurge on an expensive topper, and since it will be covered with sheets anyways, no one will know that the mattress doesn’t match the box springs.

Purchasing a mattress is a big investment, so making sure that you get the best deal possible AND having a comfortable new bed to jump into will ensure that you have the peace of mind for a great nights sleep.

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