Saatva Mattress: as Good as Everybody says?


Saatva mattresses are some of the few mattresses in market place right now that are far way better and they receive multiple tons of positive reviews. I would say the Saatva brand is now the most trusted mattress’ brand in the innerspring mattress market as it receives a lot of positive reviews and recommendations from the end users. To let you know the Saatva mattress is the best reviewed mattress on Google for the year 2015 with more than 12,000 reviews and an average rating of 4.9 out of 5. The Saatva’s luxury firm mattresses have also been rated as the number one comfort choice.

What type of mattress is it?

Saatva mattress is an innerspring ultra-premium luxury mattress with an exceptional coil-on-coil construction design. The Saatva mattress contains two layers of coils: the lower layer contains tempered steel coils that provide the necessary support and enhance the durability of mattress by preventing sagging and providing optimal air flow through the coils and the upper coils’ layer is there to respond to body contour and enhancing a comfortable feel on your body as you sleep. The upper coils are individually encased to provide optimal airflow and minimal motion transfer.

Saatva mattress also contains memory foam layer that provides back pressure relief and a layer of organic cotton cover together with euro pillow top that is carefully designated to maintain the mattress shape and hence giving your mattress a premium look over time.

How firm are Saatva mattresses?

The Saatva mattresses come with three comfort levels, which are: plush soft, luxury firm and firm.

Plush soft comfort: this option is ideal for people who like to feel their mattress around them, this option gives you a feeling of being a little bit sunk in the mattresses, this mattress is designated with softer and conforming foam which conforms to the sleeper’s body shape and contour.

Luxury firm comfort: this is the brand’s flagship level. This option is said to be better for those that happen to switch sleeping positions frequently and a perfect option for the couples with different sleep needs. This mattress is simply not too firm and not too soft.

Firm comfort: this option is for those who like to have a float feel on their mattress rather than a sink feel. It contains firmer foams that makes sleeper’s body float on the mattress. This option come with acceptable firmness it is not too hard to sleep on.


Does it provide good motion isolation?

Definitely YES. If there is a thing that Saatva brand took the most care of, it is the motion isolation. This is achieved with the help of self-enhanced coils in the upper coils system. These individually enhanced coils have no interactions at all, the movement of one coil does not cause the other coil to move.

As you make moves on one side of your Saatva mattresses the mattress won’t make a single move on the other side which makes it a perfect choice for couples.

Will the mattress become hot while sleeping?

The mattress will not become hot while you are sleep. Thanks to the two coils’ systems and the wrapping porous cotton layer that allows good airflow, heat transfer and ventilation.

The ventilation factor is well taken care of, if your body over heats the heat will be carried away easily.

What about smell?

The Saatva mattresses have very few actually less than 7% customer reports claiming them to have bad smell on delivery, technically these initial unpleasant smells may even come from other sources like stores, transportation vehicles and others which in real sense it drops that rate to even lower values, apart from that, there are even a lot more customer reviews confirming they don’t have unpleasant initial odor, which makes it way too fair to make a general conclusion that they do not have initial unpleasant odor

Awesome thanks to the hundreds of customer reviews that confirmed that the Saatva mattresses have no chemical smells, even on delivery.

The Saatva brand also invested much energy in making sure their mattresses are eco-friendly. The memory foam in Saatva mattresses is made from bio-based foam, which is not processed with formaldehyde or any other irritating solutions, hence making it ideal for those with allergic reactions.

Structure of mattress layers?

saatva-mattress-layerssaatva-mattress-layersThe Saatva mattresses are creatively made and the technological design techniques imported in creating Saatva mattresses is grand. The mattress contains about five layers:

  • Individually wrapped comfort coils; this layer helps in ventilation as it helps in providing good air flow, and it is brought about by the individually enhanced coils, they also help in minimizing motion transfer.
  • Dual perimeter edge support system; this is a bio-based eco-friendly foam layer that encloses the individually wrapped coils, this feature helps in increasing more sleep surface, providing edge support and adding durability.
  • Lumbar support enhancement; this is a layer of visco-elastic memory foam containing a wire support. This feature is useful in reducing stress and tension in the lower back, providing back pressure relief and promoting spinal alignment.
  • Steel coil base support system; this is a layer of tempered steel coils with a primary objective of providing support. It also helps in preventing sagging and enhancing optimal airflow.
  • Organic cotton cover and euro pillow top; in this layer there is a euro pillow layer below the cotton layer. The euro pillow helps in maintaining the shape of the mattress.

What sizes are available?

The Saatva mattresses come with six different sizes, which are:

  • Twin – 38” x 75”
  • Twin XL – 38” x 80”
  • Full – 54” x 75”
  • Queen – 60” x 80”
  • King – 76” x 80”
  • Cal King – 72” x 84”

Based on your needs you can choose any of the six mattress’ sizes above.

All these sizes come with two height options which are 14 ½” and 11 ½”, customer may choose any of the two options but the 14 ½” seem to be too tall for short people. There is no increase or decrease in price basing on the two height options.

Do I need mattress pad for this mattress?

Based on the Saatva mattress design, a mattress pad is not recommended. The euro pillow layer and the organic cotton layer are enough to aid comfortability that most users will be satisfied with.

saatva-mattressHow do I take care of Saatva mattresses?

Based on the Saatva mattress’ care tips, users are advised to do the following:

  • rotate their mattresses at least once a year for long time sustainability, and the rotating should be done by two people to avoid damages on the mattress as it is heavier for one person to carry it.
  • in case mattresses are to be cleaned, they shouldn’t be saturated instead antibacterial soap and a warm damp sponge should be used.
  • For the bigger bed sizes, like the Queen size and King size, a center leg support should be considered.
  • If a user finds it necessary to use a mattress pad (even though it is not recommended for Saatva’s mattresses) an all-cotton mattress pad with minimum padding is recommended.

What kind of warranty does Saatva offer?

The Saatva mattress company puts much energy in making sure their customers are satisfied with their services and receive very few or no complains at all. They offer a 15-year warranty with 2 years prorated replacement coverage. They also provide a 75-day non-penalty home trial, that means you can take home your Saatva mattress for 75 days and if for any reason you are not satisfied with it, you will be allowed to return it and you will be refunded your money including the shipping costs.

How much does it cost?

The Saatva mattresses cost from $600 to $1300 depending on the size you choose. The Queen size costs $899. Other related costs are: $100 delivery costs and $150-$300 foundation costs depending on the size of the mattress.

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Does it contain harmful chemicals?

The Saatva mattresses do not contain harmful chemicals, this is evidenced with the fact that there are no allergic reactions cases that have been reported against Saatva mattresses. The use of chemical products is kept minimal possible, and those that are used are tested and certified to meet environmental, safety and health standards and hence making them harmless.

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