Sleep Innovations Shiloh Review: A Trending Memory Foam

Your choice of a mattress is a serious issue because of the effect on your sleep and overall wellbeing. In other to get at least six hours of uninterrupted sleep, it is necessary to sleep on the right mattress. The right mattress would conform to your sleeping style, provide excellent motion isolation and regulate temperature to avoid heating.

The Shiloh memory foam or SureTemp memory foam is one of the latest mattress products that claims to help users get quality sleep. In this review, we would be investigating the veracity of these claims.


sleep-innovations-made-in-usaSleep Innovations has several years of experience producing quality sleeping materials backed by extensive research to produce comfortable and appealing products. For over twenty years, the company has provided made-in- the-USA sleeping products that are based on intricate study of people and their sleeping habits, patterns and styles.

They are particularly known for the production of memory foams. The Sleep Innovations Shiloh 12-inch (previously known as SureTemp 12-inch) memory foam aims to provide quality rest for users through its cutting edge design and technology.

What Type Of Mattress Is Shiloh

The Shiloh foam is a memory foam (a material sensitive to pressure which molds to the shape of the sleeper’s body). The Shiloh foam maintains a constant temperature and has superior air flow which allows the average individual to enjoy his or her rest on the bed. The use of a strong glue allows the Shiloh memory foam to maintain edge support. This is an advantage over regular memory foams which tend to get loose at the edges.

The Shiloh memory foam ensures proper body alignment when you sleep. This reduces stress for you and you are able to enjoy your sleep. The Duocomfort design utilized in the production of the mattress ensures that you do not have body pain when you wake up from sleep.

How Firm Is The Mattress?

sleep-innovations-shiloh-firmWhen you sleep on the Shiloh bed, the first thing you would notice is the near perfect feel. It has a medium feel, not too soft and not too firm. Regardless of your sleeping style, the mattress is firm enough to provide the needed support for your body. If you are a side sleeper, the Shiloh memory foam provides support for your spine.

Similarly, there is enough firmness to support neck and lower back for those who sleep on their back. No matter your sleeping style, you would find that the Shiloh Mattress feels just firm enough.

Is the Shiloh Mattress Durable?

Historically, Sleep Innovations has developed a reputation for producing high quality and durable sleeping products. Their mattresses last a long time. Their high quality memory cell foam beds are backed by patented technology that is capable of lasting several years.

In fact, the company offers a 20 year warranty to show its faith in the quality of the Shiloh Foam Mattress. Compared to other mattresses in this category, the Shiloh Foam lasts twice as long as the average foam. If you desire a long lasting product to aid consistent rest and sleep, then you should get the Shiloh Foam Mattress.

Shiloh Mattress And Motion Isolation

sleep-innovations-shiloh-firmnessIt is common to move around in bed during sleep and change your sleeping positions. While this may not be a disturbance to you if you sleep alone, it would affect the sleep of the partner if you are sharing the bed. That’s why it is vital to select a mattress that provides excellent motion isolation.

The Shiloh Mattress provides great motion isolation allowing both partners to enjoy their sleep. It contains a dense layer of foam that eliminates motion transfer, ensuring that a sleeper doesn’t disturb the other person’s sleep by changing sleeping positions or moving around.

Will The Mattress Get Hot?

When a mattress gets hot, it is near impossible to sleep well. The Shiloh Mattress is different from other memory foam mattresses. Unlike the others, which are typically hot, the Shiloh foam provides great ventilation which helps to regulate the temperature of the mattress.

The cotton cover of the mattress makes the mattress free from dampness but at the same time, cool enough for you to rest well. Any moisture that gets in contact with the mattress evaporates at once. There is also an air-channel foam, a 2 .5 inch layer of foam that provides aeration on the mattress. In summary, the mattress has excellent temperature control and you would be able to sleep well without being disturbed by the hotness of your mattress.

Shiloh Mattress Smell And Outgassing

When you buy a Shiloh Mattress, you can use it with the confidence that you would not be disturbed by that typical “new foam” smell. The mattress has been specifically designed to not have that unpleasant chemical smell when unpacked. The manufacturer, Sleep Innovations, has an outgassing period during which the chemicals are aired out. This is done before shipping.

As a result, you can unpack and start using your mattress once it is delivered. You don’t need to suffer the assault of the chemical smells.

The Size Of The Shiloh Mattress

All Shiloh Memory foams are 12 inch in thickness. However, there are a variety of sizes available, allowing everybody to get the size that meets their needs. There are five different sizes available:

  • Twin— 38” X 75”
  • Full— 54” X 75”
  • Queen— 60” X 80”
  • King— 76” X 80”
  • Cal King— 72” X 84”

No matter how small your doorway is, you won’t need to split the mattress in order to fit it through it. You can move the mattress into any room with relative ease. The mattress can be used with headboards of all sizes.

Structure Of The Shiloh Memory Foam

sleep-innovations-suretemp-12inchIn order to assist buyers of this product to have a great night sleep, Sleep Innovations produced a product of three layers which work harmoniously. The top layer contains an open memory cell that regulates pressure without causing heat.

The next layer is made of air-channel foam and this helps regulate temperature. The mattress is then completed with a 7 inch thick bottom layer made of firm support foam that helps provide support for both the sleeper and the mattress.

Bed Foundation And Mattress Pad For Shiloh Mattress

The manufacturer recommends that users use a foundation with this mattress. Since most buyers would have an existing box string, this does not present additional cost to the buyer. If you do not have a foundation, you can lay the mattress on the bare floor, provided the floor is relatively level.

Some people use a mattress pad with their mattresses. You should not use a mattress pad with Shiloh Mattress as mattress pads prevents airflow and trap heat. In order to sleep on a cool bed, you should eliminate the mattress pad. In addition, the mattress is already well designed to provide comfort. The use of a mattress pad is superfluous.

Care And Maintenance Of The Shiloh Mattress

One of the maintenance tips for this mattress is to avoid the use of bleach on the foam as this will damage the mattress. Do not remove the cotton cover of the mattress in order not to void the warranty. The mattress is easy to maintain. As long as you create enough ventilation and use a mild sponge to clean the cover, the mattress would be kept clean.

Cost Of Shiloh Mattress

Due to its high quality, Shiloh Mattress is priced at a relatively high list price: $709. However, the actual price at retailers is much lower as most retailers offer substantial discounts. Actual prices are in the range of $390-$500 at various retailers with Amazon having the lowest price.

Regardless of the amount you pay, you can be rest assured that you are paying for a quality product.

Sleep Innovations Warranty

sleep-innovations-shiloh-warrantySleep Innovations offers a 20 year warranty for Shiloh 12-inch mattress covering any defect or complaints in the material or structure of the mattress. A replacement or a repair would be done at the company’s cost. If you remove the cotton cover or damage the mattress with bleach, you would have voided this warranty.

Does The Shiloh Mattress Contain Harmful Materials?

All foams, regardless of materials used in making them, contain chemicals. The chemicals used in the manufacture of the Shiloh mattress have been tested for toxicity. They are safe for use.

The Shiloh 12 inch memory foam surely ranks among the best memory foam mattresses around. This memory foam is comparable in quality to luxury brands with much higher list prices. If you desire quality rest and sleep, then consider getting a Shiloh foam for your bedroom today.

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