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Happy Mattress is passionately proud to be one of the cool mattress products reviewing blogs in the noisy digital space. HappyMattress.net will be sharing posts on :

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Sleep is the most important part of life, but the most important part of sleep is a mattress!

At HappyMattress we analyze, test, compare and write about the most important part of sleep – a mattress! With our reviews, thousands of users have been able to improve their slumber by finding the best mattress on the market.

Our unbiased website, HappyMattress, provides you with up-to-date reviews, guides, and deals on everything related to mattresses. The goal of the project is to keep it completely independent while publishing fact-based, in-depth articles, free of charge.

A person’s ability to sleep is crucial to their overall health and well-being. Moreover, we understand the difficulties of making a decision about your sleep, since it might affect a large part of your life.

Most importantly, a good mattress is an essential element to a good night’s sleep. Don’t worry about the night (or day, in this case). We are here to help. The team at  HappyMattress uses their own personal experiences & professional knowledge to help readers find the best sleep possible.

The purpose of the project is simple: to provide you with the tools, information, and insight you need to make an informed choice regarding which mattress to buy according to your needs.

Please remember that all the content and resources on the HappyMattress site are free of charge and will remain so as long as the website exists. We do not charge our readers for access to our research and analysis – we make them available for free to anyone and everywhere.

The Problem

On this website, readers will learn about mattresses and sleep products, their flaws, advantages, and comparisons with other products. There are many well-known online review sites that are not entirely trustworthy. Some people are paid to write positive, biased mattress reviews. They also change existing ones to make them look better.

Also, you should know that most mattress reviews aren’t independent because they are owned by companies that provide mattresses. This is usually covered up so as not to appear insincere. Such sites usually post biased ratings, reviews, and rankings.

Reason Behind Starting HappyMattress

I started my own quest for a mattress back in 2015, when my wife was diagnosed with slip disk and the main reason was the inappropriate mattress that we had recently bought.

Then the doctor explained to me so many crucial points that need to be tested before you buy a mattress. A good sleep is the most important aspect of one’s life and to get a good sleep, MATTRESS plays an equally important role.

But sadly, we all forget about their importance, and buy the one which is on maximum discount and also the most popular. But do we all know the crucial things that need to be checked before you buy a mattress?

The answer would be NO. So, this website was created solely to give honest reviews on mattresses because in order to select for us again, we researched a lot, spoke to experts and then started reviewing the mattress. Thus, what all you read here is 100% authentic and thus buy from here with confidence.